Everything You Wanted to Know about Subwoofers
Part one of a five-part, six-chapter Subwoofer Series brought to you by the 
Editors of Prosoundweb.com and Fulcrum Acoustic.
How can you deliver a better bottom end with your sound system? This in-depth guide will provide you with:
  • Common subwoofer misconceptions
  • A history of the subwoofer's inception
  • Various approaches to sub bass systems
  • Subwoofer design and configuration
  • And much more!
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"A common misconception is that large loudspeakers are needed to produce low frequency sounds, but reality says otherwise."
About Fulcrum Acoustic:
Founded in 2008, Fulcrum Acoustic is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer known for its unique approach to loudspeaker design. Employing the research of company co-founder David Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic combines proprietary coaxial design and Temporal Equalization™ processing power to create the most powerful and versatile line of loudspeakers available.
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