Expert Series on Wireless Systems
Chapter 1 of 6 - Brought to you by the 
Editors of and Radio Active Design.
  Avoiding Wireless System Problems
Millions of wireless systems are employed throughout the US. And while users love the convenience they provide, dealing with their inherent problems can be challenging.
"Solving Wireless Systems Issues" offers tips for correcting common  problems such as: 
  • Battery failures and maintenance
  • Digital and radio frequency interference
  • Lapel microphone feedback
  • And much more!
Get Great Performance From Your Wireless Gear.
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About Radio Active Design:

Radio Active Designs, formed by a group of top wireless audio specialists, designs and manufactures spectrally efficient (wireless intercom systems) to ensure that all live events, performing arts, and broadcast media may continue to flourish with minimal negative impact from the fallout of the FCC (600 MHz) auction and TV channel repack.

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